Justice Industries is a nonprofit organization that exists to build and sustain social enterprise businesses—creating job opportunities for individuals experiencing barriers to employment.

Our largest industry, Just.Glass, offers curbside pickup of your glass for recycling. Hit that big red button or click here to sign up!


Our Mission

Justice Industries, and Just.Glass specifically, focuses on hiring valuable contributors who have been seen as “unemployable”. Our staff and employees come from a variety of backgrounds, including students, teachers, business-owners, entrepreneurs, ministers, caretakers, writers and parents and are all survivors of trauma such as homelessness, addiction, incarceration, mental illness and domestic violence. We seek to provide a clear track of upward mobility—maximizing each person’s personal growth, professional development, and overall opportunity for expanded income and self-sustainability.

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Just.Glass partners with local schools and Kwanis. In addition to creating jobs and making an environmental impact, each group receives $3 per month on every active enrollee obtained through their Just.Glass program.




Nearly 95% of glass in Nashville goes directly into our landfill. When you recycle through Just.Glass you’re creating employment and making a visible difference in our community!

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35% of people experiencing homelessness report “Loss of Job” as the leading trigger. Justice Industries fulfills our primary purpose by providing paid work for our employees through our social enterprises.


A Ton

of fresh air

More than one ton of natural resources are saved for every ton of glass recycled and more than one ton of carbon dioxide is reduced for every six tons of recycled glass. Subscribe to Just.Glass today for just $16 per month (about the cost of three cold brew coffees, or a really nice pair of socks) and breathe easier.


Our Industries


We offer training and support for marginalized people ready to break free from the cycle of generational poverty. Through providing quality services to their customers, we help our employees become contributors to their communities and families in ways that are dignifying, replicable, and sustainable.



Just.Glass comes to your home, restaurant, or business to pick up your glass for recycling. Curbside residential pickup is only $16 per month. Recycle that glass and empower others to break out from the cycle of poverty. Sign up today!


Just.Clean provides hard working employees for custodial and basic maintenance. We have just the person to fit your needs. Contact us.


Just.Mattresses picks up unwanted mattresses and delivers them to Spring Back Recycling where they are sustainably broken down for reuse. Want to donate your mattress? Just connect with us.


Just.Scan provides dedicated and detail oriented employees for document digital conversion. Looking for some help? Shoot us a line.


From cheryl

I knew that if I just had the opportunity, I could show someone that I can do the work and that I can work hard. Justice Industries gave me that opportunity to show that I can be dependable and do the job. All I needed was a chance.

Justice Industries 7-year Employee Testimony / Donate Today



Join Us

We don’t do this work alone.

We depend on our employees to provide amazing services. We depend on volunteers for creative work, logistical challenges, and spreading the word. And we depend on donations to build and sustain Justice Industries. 53% of our yearly budget is met through earned income from our social enterprises. This is a big number that we’re proud of. We depend on you for the rest.

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Your donation creates jobs for people who have experienced poverty and marginalization. Your gift also makes a difference for our Earth.


We’ll come to your home, restaurant and business and take that glass off your hands. Sign up today or contact us for business rates.


We need some help and maybe you’re who we’re looking for! Let us know more about your skills and heart and we’ll tell you about our needs.