The 11 employees are from a variety of backgrounds, including students, teachers, business-owners, entrepreneurs, ministers, caretakers, writers, and parents. All are survivors of trauma such as homelessness, addiction, incarceration, mental illness, and domestic violence.

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Falcon Coffee Bar Soaring in a Former Nashville Church

Between the coffee shop and the bar, we probably go through maybe two bags of trash per day…considering we’re open 20 hours a day, I think that’s pretty good.

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Just Glass tackles underemployment with glass recycling

He began brainstorming more sustainable solutions for others who struggled with maintaining jobs. 'There has to be a better way,' he said.

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2 Nashville Companies Making Your Life Easier (and Greener!)

I raise my hand that I was one of those people who drove around with glass bottles in the trunk of my car for days, weeks…

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