Community Service Isn't a Charity

Troy and Warner Justice Industries.png

When Warner and Troy talked to us about Justice Industries in 2016, they were Montgomery Bell Academy students and members of MBA’s Service Club, through which they partnered with Justice Industries. What they had to say is timeless, though, and we think it’s worth sharing again!

Warner: “For me, the key thing about Justice Industries is, it's not one person serving another, you know, one group of people going out of their way to give to people who have no other option. It's two people helping each other. It's a symbiotic relationship. That's what service is. Justice Industries is more of an empowerment thing. It helps people help themselves as opposed to just helping somebody once.”

Troy: “It's nice that someone will work for a charity and help with a charity but like Warner said, I believe the symbiotic relationship is more powerful and more motivating for everyone, because no one is giving anything to honor people directly. Everyone gets their benefit through their own hard work.”

Justice Industries is a non-profit organization that is building self-sustaining businesses to employ, mentor, and empower people who are working hard to break free from the cycle of poverty. We all have passed by someone on the street corner looking for a handout and wondered what we could do that would really make a difference—this is it. Sign up for Just.Glass residential glass recycling today!

Ellen Peterson