Now, a word from our preacher man, Mark DeVries

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The Volunteer State is made up of people who tend not to be satisfied with the status quo when they know there is a way to step up.

 When we get the message of Justice Industries out there, we actually have a chance to move the needle, helping to change the world for unemployed moms and dads.

 Here's how households all over Nashville are making it happen.

 By signing up with Just.Glass—our curbside glass recycling-program that employs the unemployed—we can provide work for struggling Moms and Dads AND reduce CO2 emissions in our environment. (Fact: One ton of carbon dioxide is reduced for every six tons of recycled container glass)

Just.Glass partners receive:

  1. the convenience of curbside pick-up;

  2. the privilege to enable hard-working people to move from dependence to independence;

  3. and the blessing of being a good steward of this earth that we have been given.

Together, we can do this—one bottle at a time.

Rev. Mark DeVries, Justice Industries founder

Ellen Peterson