Over 35,000 unemployed? Over 28,500 homeless children? What can I do?

Troy Jiang Justice Industries.jpg

Rarely can an individual achieve anything significant. Only a very, very few do. I can only do a little, but many “I”s doing a little together can become a huge “WE.” And WE can do big things.

Justice Industries is helping us achieve big things by providing a convenient curbside glass recycling program called Just.Glass that employs people who are working hard to break the cycle of unemployment and poverty.

[A few years ago], I was given the opportunity to ride along with two Just.Glass employees, Cheryl and Don, to help pick up and recycle glass. That was a great experience. I was touched by their hard circumstances and impressed by their dedication and work ethic—all they needed was a chance.

Collectively WE can do big things by signing up for Just.Glass. Then more people like Cheryl and Don will be able to earn income and make a living.

—Troy Jiang, Montgomery Bell Academy alum (written in 2016 when he was an MBA senior)  

Ellen Peterson