A Story of Hope


 “Justice Industries gave me that opportunity to show that I can be dependable and do the job. All I needed was a chance. – Cheryl

Everyone deserves that chance. The odds are stacked against people who made life-altering decisions but want to rebuild their lives and break free from the cycle of unemployment.

Justice Industries identifies and builds self-sustaining businesses that train, support, and employ the chronically unemployed. The inspiration for our model is Cheryl. Through the years, she struggled with homelessness, domestic violence,  and drug addiction. While seeking support for her family and self, Cheryl found Pastor Mark DeVries. Mark’s decision to befriend and support Cheryl and others like her who were struggling with chronic unemployment was the beginning of Justice Industries.

“I knew if I just had the opportunity to show somebody that I can do the work and that I can work hard.”

Ellen Peterson