It's Not Just About Serving the Poor


"Yes, Justice Industries employs and empowers people who are working hard to break free from the cycle of poverty. And yes, we do this by building self-sustaining industries that employ the chronically unemployed.

But, Justice Industries is also about transformation. Lives change when we reach out to others—for both the volunteer AND receiver. A volunteer comes to give—however, they also receive a deep sense of fulfillment and accomplishment when they see others become empowered, self-sufficient, and productive. Just ask Jenny.

“Howard and I go out in the Justice Industries’ van on Friday mornings to do mattress pick-ups. The pic is us enjoying the morning route, drinking Mapco coffee (a ritual we never fail to carry out when together), listening to the radio, and talking about the latest basketball games. While we drive around, Howard points out the different areas and tells me stories about what used to be there and how they have changed. Howard has become one of my good friends, and I always enjoy being on the job with him!” – Jenny Cook

Ellen Peterson