When your life is toast, where can you turn?

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Some mistakes that can be made in life can mark a person. Make several mistakes of this variety, and you’re likely to find yourself in a cycle of poverty from which you can’t seem to escape. You can’t get a job because of your previous incarceration. Or, you have a crippling addiction. Or, maybe you didn’t even make a mistake. Maybe you can’t keep a job because you’re mentally ill, or trying to escape from domestic abuse, or because you have kids to care for but can’t afford daycare. Or, for any or all of the above reasons, plus you also happen to lack the training.

There are so many barriers for people in these situations. Justice Industries works to eliminate the barriers to employment by building self-sustaining businesses like Just.Glass. We hire our employees by partnering with organizations such as Jobs for Life and Nations Ministry that already work with individuals in need of work, training, and mentorship. Just.Glass is able to put any training the individuals have received to good use in an actual work situation, and continue to train and mentor them at whatever level is needed.

As Justice Industries founder Mark DeVries has said:

There are LOTS of job training programs in Nashville: Jobs for Life, Men of Valor, Nations Ministry, but few are actually creating businesses that offer the kind of remedial help that chronically under-employed folks need.

Just.Glass is able to go a bit deeper, providing these more “vitamin fortified” job training and employment opportunities that are desperately needed to break that cycle of poverty.

When you sign up for Just.Glass recycling services, you’re taking an active part in providing these opportunities too! Sign up or donate today.

Ellen Peterson